Our Bespoke Service

Our Bespoke Service

Freedom to personalize

The service we provide really gives you freedom to be creative ! We provide many options for personalizing our products such as choosing custom sizes , board colour (natural brown or white) and even the choice to incorporate your brand into the design. The Dog and Spoon Distillery requested two compartment design shelves to display their marvelous gin but we went one step further, creating a free-standing logo to sit proudly on top.


But we're more than just home furnishings and décor, our creative team can cater to your requests and we aren't afraid to get imaginative. Here is our bar commission which went to the food fair trade show at London Olympia along with The Dog and Spoon distillery.

The bars wavy design is supported by sturdy steel bar which is removable for recycling at the end of the products life to keep with our eco conscious approach while still creating strength and stability.

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